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Enterprise Integration Services

For over 14 years, the DataScope team has been helping companies integrate their IT infrastructure with business processes.

By updating legacy systems, integrating manual applications and existing business processes we modernize both the IT environment and corporate efficacy.

We offer top tier Infrastructure, Hardware and Software integration including routing, backup systems, communication lines, load balancing, control units, monitoring systems for organizations of all sizes.


Our integration services begin with understanding where you want to take your business. We work together with Business, IT and Engineering executives to ensure we incorporate the full range of components to answer your needs.

We help reduce business and IT costs by making business processes more efficient.

Integration reduces general operational expenditures and time-to-market, and increases customer interaction, sales conversion and revenue.

Hardware Integration

Our team excels in combining and synchronizing multiple devices into a single interface.

We are familiar with all aspects of heavy duty server systems and blade centers, storage solutions, routing and networking, firewalls and IP telephony.

Software Integration

By creating and seamlessly linking different computing systems and software applications, the DataScope team boosts corporate efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Our legacy modernization systems are easy to apply with little or no downtime, streamlining various system interfaces (including 3rd parties systems).

We build proprietary APIs to further streamline internal and external communication, taking into consideration your unique environment and business policies.