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We Advise, You Decide. With almost 15-years market experience we are uniquely positioned to provide precise management and technology consulting services to organizations of all sizes, in any industry.

With the right blend of technical, business, communication and management skills, we give you the information you need to make informed decisions for the good of your business.

Our professional consulting services focus on understanding your corporate culture and existing roles within your organization, and we take full responsibility for every project, from the ground up. We begin by studying the inner workings of your organization, offering concrete suggestions to streamline and grow your business.

Work with us to plan and achieve business success by refining processes, maximizing existing human and technological resources and introducing new tools where necessary.

We specialize in all things related to System Analysis, Security and Communication.

System Analysis

DataScope will optimize your organization so you can use your system architecture, databases, platforms, environments, UI and data flow more effectively to help you meet your business objectives.
We examine and streamline processes and maximize savings by leveraging existing equipment and/or introducing new technologies to boost your business efficiency.


By calling on DataScope, you benefit from external, objective advice and recommendations relating to the security of your business environment and infrastructure, including application levels and business policies. We help our clients to avoid fraud and data theft, specializing in system backup and recovery, encryption, proactive intrusion prevention, malware and spam protection. Our team has secured infrastructure and data for companies and large organizations, leading security firms, and the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).


Maximize and improve your business communications with our recommendations for IP telephony and video conferencing tools, internet solutions and tools to strengthen international business development efforts.